Sheltered Harbor

In the News

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Wall Street Journal - Dec. 2, 2017:  Banks Build Line of Defense for Doomsday Cyberattack

FS-ISAC Announces Jim Rosenthal and Phil Venables 2017 Critical Infrastructure Protection Award Winners: Sheltered Harbor Co-Chairs Honored

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American Banker - Nov. 29, 2016: A Customer Data Bunker that Could Survive Catastrophe

Bankers Web - Nov. 28, 2016: "Sheltered Harbor" Enables Banks to Safekeep and Reconstitute Customer Data Post Cyber Incident

CU - Nov. 28, 2016:  'Sheltered Harbor’ Aimed At Improving Cyber Defenses - Nov. 23, 2016: Trade Groups Want to Standardize Cybersecurity Data Sharing

ABA Banking Journal - Nov. 22, 2016: FS-ISAC Announces New Cyber Resilience Initiative

Wall Street Journal - Nov. 22, 2016: Trade Groups Adopt Plan to Better Shield Depositors, Investors From Cyberattacks