How It Works

A 100,000 Foot View

The Sheltered Harbor Specification covers the operational and technical requirements for protecting consumer account data. As you might guess, the concepts are simple, but the devil is in the details. The Sheltered Harbor Specification gets into all of the details. Below is high-level view of the overall process:

Consumer data stored in a Sheltered Harbor data vault is kept private by each institution, encrypted and protected from change. The Sheltered Harbor model assumes no central repository for protected accounts.

In order to ensure that all Sheltered Harbor Participants implement the solution properly, and continuously archive critical data in accordance with the Specification, a well-defined adherence framework and reporting requirements have been established.

Participants have access to the full Sheltered Harbor Specification through the Sheltered Harbor Content Portal. This specification is meant to provide participating institutions with information required to be Sheltered Harbor compliant for retail banking, credit union and brokerage accounts.