Data Vault

Institutions back up critical customer account data each night in the Sheltered Harbor standard format, either managing their own vault or using a participating service provider. The data vault is encrypted, unchangeable, and completely separated from the institution’s infrastructure, including all backups.

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Sheltered Harbor Resiliency Plan


Institutions prepare the business and technical processes and key decision arrangements to be activated in the case of a Sheltered Harbor event; where all other options to restore critical systems - including backups - have failed.

They also designate a restoration partner so that if the Sheltered Harbor Resiliency Plan is activated, the partner can restore critical customer data as quickly as possible.


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Certification is a critical component of the Sheltered Harbor initiative. Participants adopt a robust set of prescribed safeguards and controls, which are independently audited for compliance with the Sheltered Harbor standard. 

Upon completing the requirements for Data Vaulting, the institution will be awarded a Sheltered Harbor certification and an accompanying seal, communicating that their customer account data is protected.


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Implementation Journey


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